Labwork USA The Simple Solution to Drug and Alcohol Testing Sign Up Now Drug abuse and alcohol addiction are two of the biggest enemies of a company's future success and growth.

Every company needs to find a simple solution to manage their drug and alcohol policy and keep substance abuse in check
Solution for Dot Drug Testing Compliance Sign Up Now Labworks USA offers variety of products that comply with all DOT Drug and Alcohol Compliance 49 CFR Part 382 & 40. We are one of the nation’s
largest drug and alcohol
testing consortium service providers for all Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated companies.

FMCSA Drug And Alcohol Testing Made Simple

Drug testing is an essential part of employee assessment in most organizations.

At Drug Testing Pool USA, we want to make random drug and alcohol testing a simple and hassle-free experience for you rather than a tedious and baffling process. We offer all kinds of simple DOT testing or FMCSA random drug and alcohol testing. FMCSA drug and alcohol testing is imperative for all Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders who drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) that weighs 26,100lbs. Those driving a passenger vehicle carrying 16 or more passengers including the driver or a vehicle transporting hazardous materials are also part of the DOT testing pool.

Click here for more details on who qualifies for a random drug and alcohol testing pool.

Tests For Truck Drivers


Anyone who operates or maintains a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) with one or more of the following features is applicable to get FMCSA drug & alcohol testing

  • The CMV has a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001lbs.
  • It is designed to transport 16 or more people.
  • It is designed to transport 16 or more people.
  • It is used for transportation of hazardous goods.

When you become a member of Labworks USA’s consortium we will provide a free drug and alcohol testing policy that covers all the essential information about the DOT regulations required for CDL drivers. You can simply sign up with us and become instantly DOT compliant and in control of all your drug and alcohol testing needs from Pre-employment to random and post-accident tests.

Get The Lowest Rates For CDL Drug Testing


Drivers with a commercial driver’s license don’t need to look further than Labworks USA for all their testing needs. We offer competitive low rates on simple DOT compliant CDL drug and alcohol testing.

CDL drivers and employers of CDL drivers pay he low price of $49.95 for a 12 month membership plus just $12 to registering each driver, and that’s it! You will receive your DOT compliant certificate of enrollment in a drug and alcohol testing program and down the road you go. It’s so simple many of our members signed up on their phone. We at Labworks USA are also proud to offer the services of a medical review officer whose fee is included in the membership price. Simple DOT drug testing costs $71 and a DOT alcohol breath test costs only $49.

Our services are inclusive of federal test forms, state and federal audit reports and random selection reports at no additional cost. In fact, even the DOT collection fee is included in the price of the tests. And our renowned 24/7 customer care comes absolutely free of cost. Such low CDL drug testing rates can help drivers and service employees save up some cash for rainy days.

For a complete guide to all our rates, refer to the “Rates” section on our website

Benefits For Businesses


Labworks USA is one of the best random DOT drug and alcohol testing consortiums for businesses that are required to be DOT compliant in order to function. A company can register itself with us for an entire year for just $49.95. The comprehensive online account maintenance with the ability to update driver lists, order tests, request status reports, review test requirements, and pay invoices allows companies to be in control of their DOT Drug and alcohol compliance.

The easily accessible account also makes it simple for the company to manage drivers’ profiles and easily add or remove drivers. Not just that, companies can further benefit from Labworks USA at the time of audits. We can provide comprehensive annual reports that reflect the company’s testing record in this and the previous year for a hitchless audit. All you need to do is select the “Audit Assistance” option at

Not just companies that fall under the DOT’s jurisdiction but businesses in general can benefit from investing in comprehensive random drug and alcohol testing plans. Companies in the US lose billions of dollars every year due to drug and alcohol abuse problems. These surface in the form of high employee turnover rates, decreased efficiency and productivity, increased absenteeism, erratic behavior and general lack of discipline in meeting deadlines and appointments. Signing up with Labworks USA makes you a stress-free employer who can focus on the growth and development of the business rather than weed out substance-abusing employees.

So, get registered with Labworks USA, the best random DOT drug and alcohol testing consortium for growing and established businesses.